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A nice bavette cut pairs up with some summer veg to shut down a really amazing Labor Day weekend. 
- bavette
- black pepper
- kosher salt
- avocado
- tomato
- queso fresco 
- patty pan squash.
// grape seed oil
// kosher salt
// brown rice vinegar
A trip up to Wisconsin yielded some really lovely tomatoes and a few ears of sweet corn that wound up in a “salad” last night.
- tomato
- buffalo mozzarella 
- sweet corn
- pickled red onion
- caramelized shallot
- pistachio 
- grilled bread 
- black pepper
When life gives you Calumet Fisheries leftovers, make breakfast.
- smoked shrimp
- smoked lemon and pepper salmon
- yogurt
- greens
- coconut aminos
- pickled red onion
- ghee
- tomato
- egg
- kosher salt
- garlic
Between Calumet Fisheries and our garden, we wound up with a pretty amazing spread for dinner. 
- smoked shrimp (Calumet)
- smoked lemon pepper salmon (Calumet) 
- smoked trout (Calumet)
- tomato (from our garden)
- pickled red onion.
// lime
// kosher salt
// red onion
- cornichon
- hot sauce (Calumet)
- toast
- cucumber
- yogurt sauce.
// dijon
// coconut aminos
// black pepper
// fat free greek yogurt
We finally made it to Calumet Fisheries and boy was it worth the trip.  The smoked shrimp came with some hot sauce but it was hardly necessary.
We freestyled some ramen with a bit of salmon and some veg.
- ghee
- curry powder
- kosher salt
- salmon
Everything Else.
- hippie dippy millet ramen (but it was good!)
- chicken stock
- white onion
- green onion
- black pepper
- red bell pepper sauce
- spinach
- red wine vinegar
We had a lovely dinner with friends and this tasty treat was included in the first of what will be many wonderful dirt bag dinner parties. 
Meena found some crawfish at the store and felt like whipping up a cajun styled dish.  
- crawfish
- green bell pepper
- white onion
- brown rice
- worcestershire sauce
- tobasco sauce
- kosher salt
- tomato sauce
- organic tomato soup
- green onion