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  1. We’re happy to report Indiana did just keep on getting better. On Saturday night, the Hank’s brisket showed up and delighted us for days. Seriously, this was probably the best smoked brisket I’ve ever had. Dad says Hank goes to Texas to hand select his own mesquite. It shows. Mom also whipped up some little bites featuring a fromage blanc from Traderspoint Creamery. Lovely. 

    No photos, but Sunday we tried out Pizzology in Carmel. We ordered both the mushroom and the sausage pies … probably the best pizza I’ve had in Indy. Bravo, dudes. Though I will say I think of this video every time I hear the name. 

    Food should get weird this week … second night in the new house and it’s pretty clear cooking is going to be very hard for the next few months. 

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